Oscilloscope TiePie-HS4-5MHz-dif

Oscilloscope 4 channels, 5MHz, differential

Manufacturer : TiePie Product code : DTIE100400216 Price w/o VAT : 818,16 EUR Price with VAT : 989,99 EUR In Stock.

Four channel 5MHz differential oscilloscope from TiePie company with simple controlling software

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Detailed Product Description

Instrument description:

TiePie HS4 is four channel oscilloscope which can be connected to PC or notebooku by USB interface and does not need any feeding source. Is supplied with simply software thanks which you will get memory oscilloscope, spectral analysator, voltmeter and tranzient recorder in one.

Big advantage is the possibility to save the recorded data record in format, which is possible to analyse later. The record can be modified. This function serves for recording of sample oscillographs and for presets of oscilloscope. In case that you purchased the oscilloscope from us, it is possible to send those records for evaluation on to internet portal FCD, where the fast diagnostic help section Quickhelp is established.

TiePie sada


Inputs 4 analog
A/D converter
efective sampling
converting time
1 on each channel
12 bits = 0.025%
5,000,000 sample/sec
10 nsec
Analog inputs
max. voltage
range width
200 mV to 80V
±200 V (DC + AC pike, < 10 kHz)
1 MOhm / 30 pF
0.2% ± 1 LSB
DC to 50 MHz
level setting
hysteresis setting
pre trigger
post trigger
digital in 2 levels
Ch1, Ch2, Ch1&Ch2, Ch1/Ch2
edge, window
0 - 100% from full range
0 - 100% from full fange
0.025% (12 bits)
0 - 131060 samples (0 - 100%)
0 - 131060 samples (0 - 100%)
Max. sampling speed 5 MHz, 200 nsec
Memory 128 Kwords / channel
interface USB 2.0 and USB 1.1
Source via USB, or throught reduction via PS2
Dimensions 25 mm x 170 mm x 140 mm
Accessories 4 oscilloscope sondes, switchable 1:1 - 1:10
external source cable for PS/2 mouse or key board



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