Terms of delivery

Commodity stuff, confirmed by seller as "On stock", is ready for collection in 24 hours in place of business. 


Commodity stuff with mark „Per order", where we confirm to customer, that we have to order it from supplier ( is not on stock just temporarily ), we engage to prepare or deliver it in 5 working days since confirmation of order by seller. We reserve the right to give a notice about longer delivery period while conclusion of order.  


If the order contain one item with mark per order, than the whole order will be ready in 5 working days after confirmation of order by seller.


In case that buyer chose the possibility delivery to adress in "Way of transport" the delivery time is extendet by 48 hours.


If is not possible to delivery the stuff in promised time, the seller will inform the buyer about this fact till second working day from receive of the order. If buyer do not want to have delivery date in time suggested, than is his/her duty to announce that fact till 24 hours. In case that the new delivery time is not accepted within 10 days since notification, the seller can back out of contract without sanction for both sides.

In case that buyer will not take over the delivery due to contract, than is responsible for sellers claims connected with this.

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