General business conditions

Those business conditions conditioning rights and obligations between companies


registered place Boleslavská 902, 29306 Kosmonosy, Czech Republik.

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file cover C 34366, registered company in Prague,
further just „seller",


on one side and buyers on the other.


Those business conditions conditioning differently rights and obligations for buyers who acts in relation to seller as a buying consumer ( further just "buying consumer" ) when buying consumer is determinate by §52 odst.3 z.č. 40/1964 Sb. and differently for individual or juridical person self-employed due to The Trades Licensing Act or others special laws or state institution and organisations ( further just "buying self-employed" ) who acts in relation with seller in scope of their business or entrepreneurial activity, when different rights and obligations of both buyers are modified and differentiated as a rights and obligations of "buying consumer" and rights and obligations of "buying self-employed". If those conditions are modifying rights together for buying consumer and buying self-employed than they are tagged as " buyers".

Juridic interactions between seller and buying consumer are governed by below mentioned business conditions and further in range by those conditions not modified laws law no. 40/1964 Sb ( further just commercial code ), law no. 634/1992 Sb. about consumer protection and conditioning relations between seller nad nonself-employed.


Juridic interactions between seller and buying nonself-employed are governed by business conditions and further in range by those conditions not modified laws law no . 513/1991 Sb. ( further just bus.con. ) and next by legal enactment conditioning relations between seller and buying self-employed.


Acceptance of goods by buyer from seller, as well as binding purchase order confirmed by seller, is valid as approval of purchase contract settlement due to these business conditions and buyer agrees with business conditions as they are in time of transaction.


Consumer ( buyer ) - is person, who in time of contract settlement is not acting in scope of his / her business or entrepreneurial activity. Is it individual or juridical person, who is buying instruments or services for other purposes than trading with these instruments.  


Buying self-employed - is person who is buying instruments or uses services in order to use it for his / her business activity. These buyers are governed by business conditions from Commercial code.


Complete business conditions you can find here:

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