IHR Technika s.r.o. is a small flexible company, which was established under wings of mother company IHR already in year 1995. Primary business activity were replenished by servicing and wide range of services

IHR Technika developed its role to wide range of offers for pactional and nonpactional workshops mainly in field of selling, calibrating and servicing of emission and measuring instruments and consultancy in logical modern car diagnostic. 


CertifikátRevolutionary conception " Logical diagnostics" connected with dynamical analysis of recorded oscilographs was firstly defined by IHR Technika in 1997-8 and since than more than 3000 diagnosticians were trained in this method of seeking faults in eletronic systems in cars.  

IHR Technika offers those trainings in several languages and to our best reference belongs comprehension of those methods to complex training system of world-known producer ŠKODA Auto or training system on interactive diagnostic portal fcd.eu.


Pic. on the left IHR-Technika - winner in programe IQ Auto 2008.


In present days the biggest IHR-Technika project is creation of background for interactiv diagnostical portal and upgrading of qualification on www.FCD.eu


„With us you start there, where the others shrug their shoulders...."



Company philosophy

What we believe in and what is inherent to us..

„Business success has to come from reasonable personal enthusiasm and from conviction of all parties involved...."


„Than profit with no good feeling, we prfer not to materialize such a contrac."


„We honour a good relationships with our customers and we act with everyone like with equivalent partner."


„The best advertisement is a good business name and philosophy of durability of all planed projects created by matched team."

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