How to buy?!

Buying in our E-shop is easy and transparent, even you do not have to be registered. It is enought to get to the product by using left menu and than to insert it by appropriate ikon to shoping basket. 


1) Inserting od products to shoping basket (not binding proces)
There is nothing binding in inserting the products to basket and you can insert as many products and pieces as you want to, or you intend to order later. To see what is already in basket, please click in left column to reference " Show basket content ".

After click to reference " Show basket content " not just the content of basket will be displayed, but you will get the information about total price and you will be able to take out things you do not want, or you can deny whole purchase order.  

If you will want to realize the order, you will be led throught few easy steps. Once you see the content of your basket, please click to red button  "Continue" and you will proceed to next steps.


2) Inscription of personal data (not binding proces)
To deliver your order to right adress and to know who to name on invoice we need to know few personal data. Please fill them in to form provided.

If you will not be signed in to system ( which mean, that you are not registered, or you are registered but not signed in ) the system will ask you for signing in. If you do not want to register, simply fill in just second part of form.

If you are registered, we kindly recomending you to sign in at this step. Why is profitable to be registered / Signed in? .

After filling in of all data required please carry on by click on " Continue" 


3) Indication of required way of payment (not binding proces)

The possibilities of payment may vary due to your location. Please chose from the possibilities offered by indication of appropriate box.

More about system of payment you can find here.
Carry on to next step by click on " Continue".


4) Indication of required way of transport (not binding proces)

 The possibilities of way of transport may vary due to your location. Please chose from the possibilities offered by indication of appropriate box.

More about way of transport you can find here.
Prices for thansport you can find here.
Carry on to next step in order by click on " Continue".


5) Order summary  -> possibility to make binding order

In this step, you will get chance to crosscheck your order and data provided. If everything is in order click to "Order obligatorily" which will make your order definite and it will be forwarded to our company for processing. 

In each step of ordering,  you will have chance to make step back or to get back to shoping basket by buttons created for that.

Immediately afrer dispatching your order, you will receive informative e-mail with confirmation about successful purchase order, and it will contain all needed information about further steps.If you have chose money transfer as a way of payment, than the proforma invoice is part of e-mail too.

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